Superconductors : YBCO Levitation Disk

WEISTRON Mask Aligner System

Superconducting single domain YBaCuO levitation disk with ability to trap magnetic field. The disk exhibits considerable levitation force. The disk can be used (in combination with strong permanent magnets) in self-stabilizing frictionless magnetic bearing of very low friction. These disks can also be used for levitating train models.

Diameters of the levitation disks varied from 14 mm to 56 mm. Main attention was paid to levitation disks of 28 mm in diameter. This dimension occurs to be the best compromise from various points of view: the material homogeneity, pellet quality, production loss, processing time etc.


WEISTRON YBCO Levitation Disk Specifications:

★ Material : Melt textured YBa2Cu3O7-x with Y2BaCuO5 excess + additives
★ Preparation method : Seeded melt growth
★ Critical temperature : ~ 90 K
★ Dimension tolerance :  +/- 1 mm as grown, machined parts upon request +/- 0.1 mm