Silver Nanowires (Ag Nanowires)

1-D nano-materials have received increasing attention due to their extraordinary optoelectronic, magnetic, and catalytic properties. Especially, silver nanowires (AgNWs) display excellent conductivity through electron conduction on the axial direction and very high ratio of DC conductivity to optical conductivity, which have been widely investigated in the applications of transparent conductive films, catalysis, conductive nanocomposites, sterilization, and surface Raman spectroscopy enhancement. AgNWs have been investigated widely as potential replacements for ITO in transparent conductive electrodes to solve the major problems: inflexibility and the limited supply of indium. Moreover, ITO coated on the plastic substrates possesses poor conductivity due to incapable of high-temperature annealing, restricting the development of ITO plastic films.


WEISTRON Silver Nanowires Specifications:

★ PES solution (auxiliary)

PES solution can be coated on the AgNW films to significantly increase the anti-abrasion/ conductivity and reduce haze.


Optical Applications: Solar; Medical imaging; Surface enhanced spectroscopy; Optical limiters

Conductive Applications: High-intensity LEDs, Touch screens, Conductive adhesives, Sensors

Anti-microbial Applications: Air & water purification, Bandages, Films, Food preservation, Clothing

Chemical & Thermal: Catalysts, Pastes, Conductive adhesives, Polymers; Chemical vapor sensors


WEISTRON  Silver Nanowires  Test Results: