Nano Magneto Optical Kerr Effect (NanoMOKE)

The WEISTRON Nano Magneto Optical Kerr Effect (NanoMOKE) system is a powerful tool for measuring magnetic hysteresis loops of magnetic devices and magnetic materials. The WEISTRON Nano Magneto Optical Kerr Effect (NanoMOKE) ​system is also suitable for wafer-scale MOKE measurement.

System Description ( MOKE Model: MK1100 ):


1.   Magnetic Field System

1-1.     Electromagnet ( Magnetic field is higher than 1.2T as gap of iron cores is less than 10 mm )

1-2.     Power Supply ( 750 Watts )

1-3.     Embedded Gauss Meter ( Range : 30k Gauss to 1 Gauss ) 

2.   Optical and Image System

2-1.     Laser beam spot size is about 2 um and this allows hysteresis loops to be measured from small region.

2-2.     Fully automated integrated optics: no laser beams or optics to align. Simply insert the sample, adjust the focus and start using the software.   

3.   Control System

3-1.     Built-in computer systems (with Microsoft Windows)

3-2.     Built-in Software Interface for Collecting and Analyzing Data

( Hysteresis loops can be measured automatically to find the initial curve, magnetization processes and coercivity of magnetic samples. Demagnetization process can be performed and measured automatically.)  

3-3.     Built-in Data Acquisition System

4.   Others

4-1.     LCD Monitor

4-2.     Keyboard and Mouse


WEISTRON Nano Magneto Optical Kerr Effect (NanoMOKE) System Test Report ( Model: MK1100 ) :