Nano/Micro Photolithography Systems

Stepper / Mask Aligner / 3D Micro-Printer
WEISTRON Mask Aligner System

Technical Specifications ( Model: MA1100 ):


(1) High Precision

(2) Submicron Resolution and Overlay

(3) Manual Mask Aligner

(4) The  wafer stage compensation

(5) Semi-automatic wafer adjustment in 3D translation and rotation

(6) MA1100 for 6-inch photo mask and 4-inch wafer/glass.

Customized for 6-10 inch mask or wafer.

(7) Sophisticated Exposure Optics  (New)

(8) Sensitive Imaging System

(9) Space saving, Desktop  (New)

(10) Built-in computer systems

(11) Automatically back to the initial middle points of the wafer stage

(12) Customized hardware and software to fulfill industry needs

(13) Versatile for Various Substrates/Shapes. (Silicon Wafer, Glass,...etc.)


WEISTRON Mask Aligner System Test Report ( Model: MA1100 ) :