Electrospinning System

Electrospinning system uses an electrical charge to draw very fine (typically on the micro or nano scale) fibres from a liquid. When a sufficiently high voltage is applied to a liquid droplet, the body of the liquid becomes charged, and electrostatic repulsion counteracts the surface tension and a stream of liquid erupts from the surface, until it is finally deposited on the grounded collector.


The advantages of WEISTRON Electrospinning system :

  • Continuous processes

  • Cost effective

  • Controllable diameters from few nm to several microns

  • Programmable syringe pumps , independent pump / injection rate control

  • High speed drum / wheel-type collectors

  • Suitable for composite nano-fiber nonwoven fabric, cell culture scaffolds, ... etc..

System Description (Electrospinning Model: ES1100 ):

1. High Voltage Power Supply

1-1. Output Voltage 20,000 V

1-2. Operate on 110 V or 220 V Power

2. Syringe Pump and Nozzle System

2-1. two Syringe Pump ( can work simultaneously and independently )  ( optional )

2-2. Spinning Nozzle ( programmable back and forth motion )  ( optional )

2-3. Spinning Modes

        ★ Multi-needle spinneret

        ★ a Co-Axial Spinneret

3. Collectors

3-1. Plate Collectors

3-2. Wheel-type Collector

3-3. Drum Collectors

4. Spinning chamber

4-1. Isolation Chamber


Details of WEISTRON Electrospinning System :

1. High Voltage Power Supply

The DC high voltage power supply has an adjustable output voltage in large range with built-in over-current protection and short-circuit protection. Input is AC 110 V or 220 V and output voltage can be adjusted.

2. Syringe PumpSystem

2-1. Programmable Syringe Pump

Customer can purchase arbitrary sets of syringe pumps according to their need. Each syringe pump can work independently. Users can set the speed of the pump on the embedded control computer.

2-2. Coaxial Electrospinning

Coaxial spinneret can produce Hollow nanofibers/microfibers, Core/Sheath nanofibers/microfibers. Using the coaxial  electrospinning method, different characteristics from each polymer can be combined into one fiber.

2-3. Multi-needle Spinneret

Multi-needle spinneret is widely used for mass production electrospinning. Multi-needle spinneret can be produced nanofibers as uniaxially aligned arrays.

2-4. Spinning Nozzle

The Spinning nozzle can move back and forth continuously to improve the uniformity of fiber sheet.

3.  Collector          

3-1. Plate Collector

The plate collector is normally used for electrospinning at a moderate production rate.

3-2. Drum & Wheel-type Collectors (with Speed Indication)

Drum or Wheel-type collectors of electrospinning are used for collecting aligned nanofiber sheet. This is the simplest & effective method to make aligned nanofibers. By using different length/ diameter ratio, with different rotating speed, fiber sheets or aligned fibers can be made.


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