Electrospinning Technique

WEISTRON Mask Aligner System

The  Electrospinning system :

The electrospinning system mainly has vertical type and horizontal type according to the geometrical arrangements of ejecting capillary and collection target.


Electrospinning system uses an electrical charge to draw very fine (typically on the micro or nano scale) fibres from a liquid. When a sufficiently high voltage is applied to a liquid droplet, the body of the liquid becomes charged, and electrostatic repulsion counteracts the surface tension and a stream of liquid erupts from the surface, until it is finally deposited on the grounded collector. 

The properties of nanofibers:

  • Huge surface area to volume ratio

  • Low density

  • Very high porosity

  • Improved physical and chemical properties


The advantages of Electrospinning technique :

  • Continuous process

  • Cost effective

  • Controllable diameters from few nm to several microns


The  Electrospinning process :

Applications of electrospun fibers in different research:


Electrospun fibers in biomedical applications:


Techniques of drug loading of electrospun fibers:


We provide programmable Electrospinning System.

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