Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

VSM Measurement System / Magnetic Measurement Instrumentation

The WEISTRON Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) measures the magnetization of a sample of magnetic material under an external magnetic field by converting the dipole field of the sample into an ac electrical signal. The sample is driven to vibrate sinusoidally. The induced voltage in the pickup coil is proportional to the sample's magnetic moment. By measuring in an external magnetic field, we can obtain the hysteresis loops or magnetization curves of a material.


Technical Description ( Model: VSM1100 ): 

(1) High sensitivity  ( Resolution higher than 10-6 emu/rt-Hz )

(2) High speed and high precision measurements

(3) The software is easy to operate and maintain

(4) Versatile, quick change sample holders

(5) Programmable sample autorotation about z-axis

(6) Demagnetization curves measurements

(7) The electromagnet has a temperature monitoring system (Upgrade)

(8) Compatible to various customized electromagnet (up to 2T) (optional)

(9) Temperature control (from 80K to 500K) (optional)

(10) Vector coil for torque curves measurement (optional)


System Description ( Model: VSM1100 ):

1.   Magnetic Field System

1-1.     Electromagnet ( Magnetic field is higher than 0.8T as gap of iron cores is less than 30 mm )

1-2.     Power Supply ( 1500 Watts )

1-3.     Gauss Meter ( Range : 30k Gauss to 1 Gauss ) 

1-4.     Embedded Magnetic Flux Detector

2.   Vibrator System

2-1.     Vibrator

2-2.     Sample Holder

3.   Control System

3-1.     Built-in computer systems (with Microsoft Windows)

3-2.     "Built-in Software Interface for Collecting and Analyzing Data" ( Hysteresis loops can be measured automatically to find the saturation magnetization, coercivity,and remanence of magnetic samples. Demagnetization process can be performed and measured automatically.)  

3-3.     Built-in Data Acquisition System

4.   Others

4-1.     LCD Monitor

4-2.     Keyboard and Mouse


WEISTRON Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) Test Report ( Model:VSM1100 ) :

The different test samples