Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) detection for:

  • specificity of their interactions

  • binding and disbinding rates (kinetics)

  • binding strength (affinity)

  • concentration


Technical Specifications ( Model: SPR2100 ):

(1) Space saving, Desktop

(2) High precision

(3) Programmable measurements

(4) Auto-injection of multi-samples in sequence

(5) Label free detection for specific binding of antigen and antibody

(6) Association and dissociation reaction rate constant calculation by software

(7) 0-90 degree wide angle range systems, suitable for SPR measurement in various medium including air, alcohol, ... etc..(only for models SPR2200 )


Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) System Test Report ( Model: SPR2100 ):


Surface Plasmon Resonance System (SPR)


WEISTRON Surface plasmon resonance system (SPR) has been widely used in chemical and biological detection with very high sensitivity. When Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) occurs, the energy of the light beam that is incident on a metal film is absorbed by the metal film to provide the energy needed for the resonance of the electrons. The intensity of the reflective light is measured to determine the occurrence of SPR and to detect the biomolecules attached.