Programmable Four Point Measurement System

4 Point Probe Resistivity Measurement Techniques: 

Four-terminal sensing (4T sensing), 4-wire sensing, 4-point probes method is an electric resistance measuring technique that uses separate pairs of current-carrying and voltage-sensing electrodes to make more accurate measurements than the simpler and more usual two-terminal (2T) sensing. Separation of current and voltage electrodes eliminates the lead and contact resistance from the measurement. This is an advantage for precise measurement of low resistance values.


Technical Description : 

WEISTRON Programmable Four Point Measurement System can measure the resistance of nano devices or the sheet resistance of nano thin films by the programmable 4-probe (or 2-probe) measurements in sequence from arbitrary 4 (or 2) electrodes out of customized number of electrodes (4 ~ 16-pins default) at each position. Users can define the electrode positions on wafer/substrate for sensing probes then let the entire measurement processes run automatically. WEISTRON Programmable Four Point Measurement System are suitable for testing in the semiconductor or LCD panel industry.


System Description ( Model: FP1100 ) :

1.   Probe Station

1-1. Sample Holder and Probe Stage  4 pins (or 16 pins for option) 

1-2. Programmable 4-probe  measurements in sequence from arbitrary 4 electrodes out of customized number of electrodes (4 ~ 16-pins default)  (optional)

1-3. Programmable Auto Probe Station  (optional)

2.   Control System

2-1. Built-in computer systems (with Microsoft Windows)

2-2. Built-in Software Interface for Collecting and Analyzing Data

2-3. Built-in Data Acquisition System

        ★ 6-1/2 digit resolution

        ★ Highest sampling rate = 2000 points per second  (4-1/2 digit resolution)

        ★ Highest measured resistance up to 100 MΩ

        ★ Minimum measured resistance (suggested) = 100 mΩ

        ★ 5 PLC measurement rate @ 6-1/2 digits, 0.0005 PLC measurement rate @ 4-1/2 digits

 2-4. Programmable four probe measurements for different electrode sets in sequence   (optional)

 3.   Others

 3-1. LCD Monitor

 3-2. Keyboard and Mouse


Model List of Programmable Four Point Measurement System: